Where Can You Use The Huawei Wallet Kit

by Louis Berry

Huawei just recently introduced their newest addition to the family which is the Wallet Kit. This wallet development has opened new doors for its consumers especially during the time of pandemic. Most shops, stores and other establishments would happily prefer a cashless transaction to protect themselves with the virus. With the introduction of Huawei wallet kit, it adds more opportunity to conduct cashless transactions easily.

The top three things we can’t leave upon leaving the house are: car keys, wallet and phone. Which means, we are constantly holding our phone and can’t get rid of it since it’s already a part of our daily lives. Which is why it makes it even better when we have an e-wallet somehow in our smartphone as a back-up fund for other purchases.

Most especially when you accidentally left your wallet or misplaced your card, your smartphone will surely come in handy on this scenario. You can easily pay it with the app by showing a code for every transaction. Hassle free and more convenient in times of unprecedented situations.

Where to Use the Wallet Kit?

Huawei App Purchases

To fully enjoy your favorite apps and the extras that go with it, you can now purchase them easily with the use of the wallet kit. No need to input your card details since you already stored it in your wallet kit for later use. It will sync on your AppGallery and make purchases even faster and less hassle.

Regular Payments

The most amazing thing about this is you can use it for payments especially home utilities such as electricity, water and even rent. It can accommodate offline payments, online payments, PSP and UnionPay. You can use it to shop on your favorite shopping websites online instead of using your card. It’s fast, accurate and reliable. Three things that we need for setting-up a payment mode that’s perfect for our needs. The options are also unlimited when it comes to paying modes. Whether you pay online or offline, the wallet kit will surely do its job.

Can Be Used As A Pass

In some countries like South Korea and Singapore for example, they use transit cards where they put in load to access the bus and trains. It’s basically a money card to use for paying for your transport fee. Now with Huawei Wallet Kit, you no longer need to load your transit card because you can now use it as a transport fee. Pretty great, isn’t it? No more lining up on the card machine to put in credits. Just tap your device with the QR code and you’re off to go on your destination.

On top of that, you can also use this as a loyalty card for some restaurants and hotels to incur big discounts. As well as using it as a gift card to get discounts from shopping centers. It can also be used as a ticket or coupon when boarding on your next flight, no more printing needed and lining up for check-in. The coupons can also be used for movie dates and even as a ticket for major events.

Another smart feature you can use with this app is by having it sync to your front door as a key card. It helps you bring lesser stuff when going out since all you need will be just your keys and phone. Perfect for always on the go people just like you.

Some places also honor the wallet key as an Identification Card for verifying identity whether for purchasing, claiming valuable items or entering in a private institution.

Clearly, the wallet kit is more than just an app and defies the usual cash transactions.

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