The essence of the Huawei HMS Core

by Louis Berry

As an app developer, one of the most challenging stages in app development is the beginning. Getting started and starting well can be two distinct concepts in app development. Because you have a lot of factors to consider. Everything today is getting simpler for the end-users. However, the reverse is the case for the developers. More complex principles and guidelines are constantly being put into app development. Keeping up could be somewhat taxing. But to be a successful developer that extra mile should be where you start. But with the Huawei HMS core, the extra mile has been brought forward for you.

All the benefits of the sleepless night brought forward and wrapped neatly, ready for you to open. Huawei has made it relatively easier for android developers in recent times. While a successful app development is not easy, but with the multitude of Huawei services, there are digital helpers at your disposal.

The Huawei wallet kit is one such helper that has made the finance aspect of app development smoother. But with Huawei developer and Huawei mobile services (HMS), you can ease the burden on yourself. The Huawei HMS core could not have been introduced at a better time.

The Huawei HMS Core` Importance in Making a Successful App

To produce a truly successful app, there are a set of people you just cannot do without. The end-users of your app. These are the people who determine whether an app is successful or not. however, reaching the end-users is not as easy as it presents itself to be. There is work to be done if you hope to reach a wider range of end-users. But with the HMS core, the work could be said to have already been done on your behalf.

But a successful app is not just about popularity. The retention rate of the app is equally vital. People need to be able to download your app and keep using it. This means that they need to enjoy the app in the first place.

The most enjoyable aspect of a successful app to a developer is the steady stream of income the app generates.

On that note, since we already know what is required the actual app development should not be challenging. This might not always be the case. Hence the HMS core is in place to increase the chances of your app turning out as a successful one. How so?

The HMS core is made up of 3 major categories. All of these categories have their roles in making sure that your app comes out in a top form. Let us consider these parts and their roles.

Categories of the HMS Core

  1. Development of App
  2. Growth of User Base
  3. Monetization of App

With these three advantages, all of your basic needs as an app developer have already been met. The app is constantly undergoing development as a result of funds from the monetization of the app. A monetization process that worked as a result of growth in user base.


While the advantages of the HMS core are indisputable, the human touch is essential. So with your diligence as an app developer and the opportunities created by the Huawei HMS core, your app is ready.

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